5 possible summer 2023 transfer targets for Aston Villa – News

Branco van den Boomen: Within Ligue 1, Branco van den Boomen is a much more intriguing option for Aston Villa, as he has legitimately been one of the best players in the league. Toulouse have been a pleasant surprise, winning the Coupe de France 5-1 over Nantes while staying well clear of the relegation zone. Van den Boomen, who was an elite player in Ligue 2, has been a massive part of that success.

Ferran Torres: Hasn’t quite worked out for Barcelona, but even amidst an overall disappointing 2022/23 season for the league leaders, the former Manchester City man has been a decisive match-winner in some games. The Spanish international clearly has talent. He is capable of taking over games on his own, but it seems as though he does not fit Barcelona in terms of his personality or the style of play. Torres is likely on the way out with Barcelona needing to sell someone in order to facilitate the dream return of Lionel Messi.

Divock Origi: Premier League sides West Ham United and Aston Villa are interested in the possibility of signing Milan striker Divock Origi. The Belgian had joined the Rossoneri on a free transfer last summer after his contract at Liverpool had expired. But his time at Milan hasn’t gone as expected and there is a possibility of him now leaving Milan after only one season and very limited impact.

Asensio and Ceballos: Have been important players for Carlo Ancelotti over the last few months, although there is much doubt over their respective futures. They have yet to agree terms over new deals, and a summer exit could be on the cards. Real Madrid are reportedly open to keeping Asensio and Ceballos, but given that they would likely have a greater squad status at Aston Villa, as well as potentially more money, a departure cannot be ruled out.

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