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This infuriating influencer has been a thorn in Jennifer Walters’ side. How will Titania continue to terrorize She-Hulk in upcoming episodes?
The MCU has seen more than its fair share of terrifying villains over the years. The Infinity War saga saw the Avengers and company facing off against the purple colossus Thanos, who wanted to remove half of the galaxy's population from existence. In other films, the heroes faced off against a collective known as Hydra, which wanted to rid the planet of free-thinkers in order to establish a new world order.
However, in the recently released Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the primary villain is not a galactic-scale supervillain or an ancient organization dead-set on global domination. Rather, Jennifer Walters' arch-nemesis is a social media savant named Titania. The character is perfectly portrayed by the hilarious Jameela Jamil, who has a penchant for playing characters who are sassy and self-absorbed. Though Titania has been featured in several episodes of the series, very little is known about her motivations or backstory.
In early Marvel iterations, the character got her abilities from Doctor Doom, as she had an intense desire to be both famous and powerful. It remains unclear why this contemporary version has beefed with superheroes and why she has chosen to focus her ire on Jennifer Walters.
During the first half of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's debut season, Titania has caused several problems for Jennifer Walters. At the end of the premiere episode, "A Normal Amount of Rage," Titania bursts through a courtroom wall, forcing the lawyer to reveal her She-Hulk form to the world. She quickly subdues the unwelcome invader; however, only a few episodes later, it is revealed that Titania is being released from prison, and to make matters worse, she has apparently trademarked the moniker She-Hulk, using it to market her product line, and will be suing Walters for copyright infringement.
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Ultimately, Titania's attempt to steal She-Hulk's identity fails. Nevertheless, it's clear that her business with Walters remains unfinished. As Titania continues to terrorize She-Hulk, her intentions will slowly be revealed, and audiences may be able to get a better understanding of why the villain is targeting her in the first place.
If Titania can't beat Jennifer Walters on her home turf in the courtroom, she may be able to use her primary area of expertise — namely, social media — to ruin the lawyer's reputation. Titania is established in-universe as a famous influencer, which means that she commands a significant online following.
There are a lot of ways that Titania could use her social media presence to destroy Jennifer Walters. For example, if the character's successful defense of Emil Blonsky, also known as Abomination, were to somehow become public knowledge, it could cause the public to outroar over the release of such a powerful former villain. Additionally, She-Hulk seems to have a bit of fondness for the sauce, so if Titania were to capture a video of her after a night of heavy drinking, it could lead to a lot of embarrassment for Walters in her professional life.
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One can easily imagine a #cancelShe-Hulk campaign spreading like wildfire across the internet, which could serve to disrupt her life more dramatically than any MCU villain could ever dream of.
Though Titania has proven to be talented at hand-to-hand combat, it could potentially be some of her less physical attributes that prove most problematic for She-Hulk. The villain is fabulously wealthy, which means that she could employ any number of henchmen to do her dirty work. The episode "The People vs. Emil Blonsky" introduced audiences to the Wrecking Crew, a group of men armed with Asgardian construction equipment.
It is not known who exactly sent the crew to attack Walters, but it is reasonable to assume that Titania had a hand in hiring them. Ultimately, the Wrecking Crew got wrecked by She-Hulk, but they likely won't be the end of enemies who try their hand at taking on the unwitting superhero. It's possible that future episodes could see Titania paying a pretty penny to hire one of the many past Avenger villains, many of whom would represent a considerable challenge for She-Hulk and her developing skill set.
As a character, Titania's peculiar sense of style and eye-roll-inducing self-obsession play perfectly in the unique humor of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Given the fact that the character was established as Walters' arch-nemesis early on in the program, upcoming episodes will, in all likelihood, feature a lot more of the irritating influencer. Will she be able to smash Titania, or will her social media savvy prove too powerful for even a Hulk to overcome?
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