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Taking to the much entertaining couple influencers – Ravneet Kaur and Pushppal Singh Bhatia from ‘That Couple Though’, we dug deeper into everything about the influencer community and how they started their journey in content creation

As the world of social media and digital presence expands rapidly, there is one thing that has seen massive success – it is the influencer industry in India. Right from lifestyle, fashion, and food to art and comedy, every industry has credible content creators that carry the power of influencing their niched audience, which they have carefully built over time. Taking to the much entertaining couple influencers – Ravneet Kaur and Pushppal Singh Bhatia from ‘That Couple Though’, we dug deeper into everything about the influencer community and how they started their journey in content creation.

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1. Why did you start ‘That Couple Though’ despite having a successful entrepreneurial career?

To be honest, ‘That Couple Though’ just happened. We would often create goofy videos and share them on our family WhatsApp groups, and it was on the family’s suggestion that we started posting those videos on Instagram. When we started our page in 2016, even we didn’t expect that people would love it so much. At that time, Vlogs and the short video culture were not very prominent in India. There were no tiktoks and no reels. Hence, for us, content creation was basically a way of spending time together and doing something fun and interesting. Having said that, we both have a strong interest in acting and love entertaining people, so we were having a great time doing this. Even today, we still continue with our respective entrepreneurial careers while also balancing time for content creation. 

2. What’s behind the name, That Couple Though?

Ravneet – A lot of people ask us about this, and many also often misread the name as ‘That Couple Thought’. The name of our brand is more of an expression and not a noun, and the reason we kept it is because we felt that we were creating something very different and ‘That Couple Though’ is the perfect expression of the same. 

Pushppal – We were very excited to start our page, and Ravneet wanted the perfect name. ‘That Couple Though’, however, came up very randomly in our discussions and actually went well with the kind of work we were doing; hence we went ahead with it. 

3. How much do you earn from your social media account and the process behind it?

There is a lot of misconception about how influencers earn. The industry has seen a lot of growth recently, and hence people think we make a lot of money, which is not the case. One needs to be well established to even start earning in the influencer industry, as this is not like a job with a fixed income. A lot of effort and time goes behind this, and earnings could be slow. Many people also think Instagram pays us. Instagram doesn’t pay us – the brand deals we acquire and promote on the Instagram act as a medium of earning for us. Youtube and Facebook, on the other hand, pay on the basis of views a channel gets. If we have to speak for ourselves, INR 1-2 lacs is an average that we end up making with our collective influencer activities. 

4. What is your take on the Influencer Marketing scenario in India?

Ravneet – Influencer Marketing is definitely booming in India right now. Influencers play a very important role in the digital marketing scenario. They are the ones who have consistently built a trustworthy audience for themselves and are hence able to translate the same for brands and their ideal customers. Unlike celebrities, influencers interact with the audience on a daily basis and have a more personal connection with them which is really helpful when it comes to brand deals. 

Pushppal – Content creation has become a daily reality for many. With so many short video platforms and grand devices, high-end cameras etc., anyone with a good concept can become a creator. The game now is all about viral marketing, Anyone who can master that and monetise their content can become an influencer. So yeah, the market is vast, and it is only getting bigger and more competitive with time. 

5. Your suggestions for the young influencer brigade of India.

Ravneet – As I mentioned, the influencer industry is growing immensely in Inda. A lot of influencers are earning very well, but it is extremely important to understand that there is a really strong foundation required to build this. Hence, I would highly recommend starting this as a side hustle that you grow eventually before you take it up full time, especially for young students. Success in this industry is not guaranteed, and things are uncertain. That’s why to focus on studying/working on your job and pursue content creation on the side.

Pushppal – I agree with Ravneet. For students, it is extremely crucial to focus on studying first. We see a lot of young creators today, and not everyone has a plan laid out for their future. Moreover, nobody gets success overnight. This is a slow process which gives you results with time. Another thing that is important is to always be good to your audience, irrespective of all the good and bad comments one may receive. Appreciate the good, learn from the bad, but never indulge in fights and arguments. 

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