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Get over it. Similar bricks were sold in WDW and subsequently removed for refurbishment – many people can’t even go and look at their brick! The medallion was probably loose and just got lost in the shuffle of people.
That’s incredibly rude. It’s a cherished memory for someone. You can’t just “get over it”
I’m sorry about the medallion but these influencers are a boil on the butt of humanity and I wish they’d quit coddling them.
They’re not all bad. And offering words of comfort and encouragement is just being a kind human being, something I get you struggle with.
You’re rude.
Last time I was at Disneyland, a couple months ago, I noticed a lot were missing. It’s a shame. Those aren’t cheap and they’re very sentimental to people.
Fabricate a new medallion out of a brass mixture that’s very durable , park a double stroller over it. Clean it out with a dremel , epoxy it in. Move your stroller. Have 2 people talk over it for 30 min to protect the curing process. Now it’s even more special.
Disney should be able to easily fabricate a replacement for you by 3D printing. They have the technology, they have the money. The question is – do they even care about their guest’s concerns anymore?

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