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American professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau was spotted with a mystery girl during Sunday’s LIV Golf event and his ex Hunter Nugent has confirmed that it was his new girlfriend Lilia Schneider.
When the pro-golfer was pictured with new girl Lilia on Sunday, September 18th, many mistook her for his ex-girlfriend Hunter. The two women do have a striking resemblance to one another and both have golfing backgrounds as well.
However, Bryson’s new flame is also a social media influencer with many followers on Instagram and TikTok.
I spent the afternoon sorting out the Bryson DeChambeau girlfriend situation. His ex confirms he’s now dating rising star Instagram golf influencer Lilia Schneider.

That’s Lilia in the cart Sunday at the LIV event:
Bryson’s new girl Lilia is a Belmont, Michigan native who is currently a sophomore golfer at Indianapolis’ Marian University.
She is on the institution’s 2023 Women’s Golf Roster and is training under Head Coach Dan Stanjevich. Her bio on the university’s website reveals she only played one match as a freshman. She shot a 176 (87+89) and got a 24th-place finish at the UPike Fall Invite. 
Lilia is a two-time all-conference player, and gained the MVP honor in 2019 on her high school team. She qualified for the MHSAA State Championships in 2019 and 2020 consecutively and became team captain.
Lilia has over 44,000 Instagram followers and over 156,000 TikTok followers. The college student is a social media star in her own right.
Her Instagram is filled with stunning pictures of herself in various places. Her TikTok on the other hand is filled with a mix of golfing and fitness content with a mix of quirky relatable videos.
#golfgirl #golf #fyp
The outlet Outkick notes that they misidentified the girl with Bryson at the Sunday LIV Golf event in Chicago as his ex-girlfriend Hunter Nugent earlier. However Hunter later confirmed to the outlet that she and Bryson were not together anymore.
“Bryson and I aren’t dating anymore,” the golfer told the outlet via Instagram. She also named his new girlfriend.
The pro-golfer also dated Instagram model Sophia Phalen Bertolami in the past. After his 2020 US Open win in New York, Sophia wrote commened his impressive performance writing, “Biggest congratulations to this guy!!! Beyond proud of you B! @brysondechambeau,” in her Instagram story (per The Sun).
In early 2022, Bryson, 29 was still dating Hunter.
“Bryson Dechambeau is an athlete” they said

Removido Denacop após 2 paragrafo:
The 29-year-old pro-golfer suffered a bizarre injury during the Sunday LIV Golf event in Chicago. A video of the incident has now surfaced online.
In the video, Bryson is seen next to his caddy, who lifts up the rope they are walking toward so that the golfer could walk swiftly. But he ends up bouncing his face on the rope, despite glancing at it first. He ducks his head prematurely and ends up colliding with it. His hat goes flying behind him and the golfer whose clearly caught off-guard jumps behind.
He was clearly in pain afterwards as he was seen crouching holding his face.
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