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I’m certain many of you have watched some of the passing and funeral arrangements that were held for the past queen, Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom.
Whether one agrees with a monarchy or not, whether one agrees with the royal family and their traditions, no one can deny the influence the past queen had, not only on her kingdom, but governments around the world.
The size of the crowds that stood for hours and hours, waiting to pay their respects, is proof enough of her loyalty to her country and her beliefs. None of us have royalty or the position that she held, yet have you ever considered that you too, are an influencer?
There are two types of influence: passive or aggressive. Both types require the same attributes. Convictions about what you believe and are passing on to others. Commitment to your convictions. The courage to stand up for those convictions, and confidence they will be fulfilled. How these influences are achieved depends entirely upon the individual. Either the individual takes an aggressive attitude upon the way they implement their influence, or they are more passive and gentle in their approach.
Our influence covers several areas of our lives; family, job, community, and our personal relationship with the Heavenly Father.
Throughout life there will always be problems that arise. Yet the advice we may give our family and the example we show may make all the difference in decisions that will last a lifetime.
The same holds true of our job participation. Are we devoted, honest, hardworking, and loyal? In our community, do we participate and assist in endeavoring to make positive changes, or do we complain about circumstances and situations?
And certainly last, but hopefully not least, what kind of spiritual influence and relationship do we have with our Heavenly Father? Do we trust that what God’s Word says is true and that we will obey and leave the consequences to Him?
You are an influence to others whether you realize or want to admit it. May you determine to be the very best influencer you possibly can be, so when you pass from this life, others will be able to say that you were encouraging, uplifting, and a good example of what our Heavenly Father wanted.

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