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Utah fans at last weekend’s home opener.
Two women wearing body paint at a Utah football blowout has metastasized into a police investigation and statement from campus leadership. As far as we can tell, it all started with a pressure campaign from a Christian influencer named Melea Johnson.
Briefly: Two women (it’s unclear if they were Utah students) attended the Utes’ 73-7 drubbing of Southern Utah with their upper bodies coated in body paint, depicting tank tops with the university’s logo on them. During the game, campus police ultimately asked the two women to put on shirts, and they did.
That relatively benign resolution might have been the end of it, but then Johnson shared her harrowing account of attending the game with her husband and two children. “It’s just not okay when minors are involved,” she whined. “Because of all the noise we’ve made, an investigation is underway.” Local Utah news interviewed Johnson several times, including one newspaper publishing a lengthy statement from her about the need to “create awareness of this issue.”
Johnson also expressed outrage that neither campus police nor ushers immediately turned the women away and insisted they had broken a law against public decency. “They had a haphazard ‘U’ just kind of sloppily painted on their back,” she said. “Our first instinct is we have our kids with us and oh, my gosh, we’ve got to make sure we shield them.” Johnson did not specify how many shirtless men — painted or otherwise — she had to crane her neck past to focus in on the young women’s bodies at length.
The backlash from Johnson and others seems to have spurred further action from the school’s much-maligned university police department, which recently received a scathing audit lambasting its practices and processes following several high-profile tragedies on campus. Campus police have said that they will “follow up this week to screen for any potential criminal charges,” while any students involved could face “potential noncriminal sanctions.” Utah’s president and athletic director also put out a joint statement about the incident, encouraging fans to snitch on each other if they witness “rude or disrespectful behavior.” State-funded manpower will now be dedicated to an investigation of the high-stakes details as to whether the women were indeed wearing only body paint or body paint and pasties. 
The entire idiotic case is a reminder: No one has more success pressuring cops into action than busybodies complaining about women engaged in mildly salacious behavior.


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