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Nature is a beautiful sight, and one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to jump right in and go on an adventure. So if you are making a best hikes list, make sure you add this one. It’s Georgia’s Lula Lake hike. In an Instagram video, blogger Tee, @_asipoftee_, gives viewers a first-hand look at the beautiful hike and its majestic falls.
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Tee shows off the highlights of hiking in the preserve, including its two waterfalls and breathtaking mountain overlook. The hike is 4.5 miles and can be taken solo, with family, or as a guided hike. It takes about three to four hours to complete and is a moderate hike with a 700-foot climb. The classic loop gives adventures a complete look at everything the preserve offers, including the 120-foot waterfall accessed from the Lula Falls Trail and the smaller waterfall on the Old Lula Falls Trail. Hikers also hit the Bluff Trail, which shows views of Northeast Georgia and Chattanooga. However, it is not the only option. The out and back trail is 4.2 miles and is considered an easy hike with a climb of only 350 feet. It will take you about two to three hours.
If you are an avid hiker, you may want to hit the 6-mile adventure loop with an 825-foot elevation. You won’t miss out on any of the views from the classic loop.
Take heed, because this hike takes a bit of preplanning. The Lula Lake land trust is only open to hikers on the first and last weekends of the month, during their “Open Gate Days,” and you need to have reservations. As you’d imagine it is a popular hike, and reservations book up quickly. Visitors can enter the preserve at 9:00 a.m., and it closes at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $16 per person and are for an hour-long arrival window. If you don’t want to go it alone, you can sign up for a guided hike, which is $40. The guided hike covers the Classic Loop, which is shown in Tee’s video.
All reservation proceeds go to the preservation of Lula Lake. Your parking is also included in your reservation fee. If you don’t get a spot on your preferred day, the land trust has a waitlist, just in case of any cancellations. Of course, make sure you pack plenty of snacks and water, and if you pack it in, be sure to pack it back out with you.
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