Lula Widens Lead Over Bolsonaro After New Fuel Price Increase – Bloomberg

David Westin speaks with top names in finance about the week’s biggest issues on Wall Street.
From the policy debates to the political fights, today’s top newsmakers make sure they sit down with Chris Wallace.
I Love Wine transports you to the best winemaking regions of the world
BNY Mellon, Warburg Group, Deutsche Bank to Pay Cum-Ex Debt
US Rail-Union Deal Showcases Labor Angst Extending Beyond Wages
High Street Shops to Shut Doors for Queen’s Funeral
Liberum Says THG Call Was ‘Wrong,’ and Cuts Stock After 94% Drop
ECB Taps Amazon, Four Others to Pitch Digital Euro Prototype
Iconic Russian Singer Asks to Be Named ‘Foreign Agent’
New Zealand PM Envisages Country Becoming Republic ‘Over Course of Lifetime’
Phil Falcone Uses Apollo Court Claim to Secure Loan From Michael Dell
Playboy Sells ‘Big Bunny’ Jet to Family Office for $17.5 Million
Steven Spielberg’s ‘Fabelmans’ Wins Toronto Audience Award
‘The Woman King’ Takes North American Box Office Throne
Britain Lines Up for Its Future Without Queen Elizabeth
The Mexican Liquor Boom Is About to Get an American Boost
What’s Dangerous Is America’s Lack of Crime Data
An Auto Designer at GM Says Getting an MBA Helped Her ‘Stand Out’
Hollywood Effects Artists Say It’s Time to Unionize
FTC Joins Push for Rules on Trade of Smartphone Location Data
Sue Barker: I Left Wimbledon on My Own Terms Instead of Being Pushed Out
Cities Faced With Migrant Influx Costs Could Win Federal Aid
Strong Quake Kills 1, Knocks House, Derails Train in Taiwan
Powerful Typhoon Pounds Southern Japan; Thousands Evacuated
A City-Building Video Game With a Giant Twist
California Sees Warning Sign From Weak Tax Revenue Collections
Can Britain’s Endangered Department Stores Be Saved?
Do Kwon, No Longer in Singapore, Says He’s Not ‘On the Run’
Crypto Speculation Falls Out of Favor With Game Studios
ECB Taps Amazon, Four Others to Pitch Digital Euro Prototype


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